Test WordPress Post

Test Post for WordPress

This is a test. I want to see how Desk will post this to my old WordPress.com site. Does it do image files? Let me post one just below here.

Next I’m going to continue below. I want to test a webpage link. Now that I’ve done a few basic things lets try some more. Here’s a bold. Now an italic. How about an underline? All of that seems to be working. I’m not sure that I enjoy the WYSIWIG. No problem. I can switch to Markdown whenever I want.

This is a numbered list view

  1. First item
  2. Second item
  3. Third item

This is an unnumbered list view

  • First random item
  • Second random item
  • Third randon item

That concludes this blog post test. Now I’ll try to publish it using the Desk app.