10 Reasons I love my Kindle 3

Kindle 31. Cost savings – I read a lot and Kindle book prices generally range from $9.99 to $14.99 for brand new releases. Amazon has a large selection of free public domain material. My breakeven point is about 10 books. Unfortunately – I’ll buy more books because it’s so easy to buy them. 🙂

2. Storage Capacity – The Kindle can hold a ton of reading material – I currently have about 20 full books and 30 book sample chapters. You will never run out of space.

3. Dictionary – Need to lookup a word – a dictionary comes with the Kindle and no web required. Nice.

4. Note taking & highlighting – I write all over the books I buy (especially non-fiction). What’s really nice about the Kindle is that you can highlight, bookmark and make notes on passages – then export those as text to you PC for future reference. The keyboard on the Kindle isn’t great – but it’s good enough for short text entries.

Kindle 3 back

5. Book previewing – Amazon makes it really easy to download a free book chapter and read it to see if you like it. Very handy. You can download 10 books that might be of interest, scan the chapters then buy only what you triggers your interest.

6. Size and Weight– Kindle fits in my brief case easily, weights less than a paperback and is the equivalent of having a full library at you disposal at all times. I made a cheap carrying case out of old bubble wrap. The Kindle took 3 pounds of weight out of my laptop bag. My back is thanking me.

7. Battery life – Turning on wifi only when using it and you’ll easily get 2 weeks of battery life out of a single charge. Because I download free content almost daily – I use the wifi more than necessary. If your frugal you should get longer battery life.

8. Book reading feature – Kindle can read books to you. Pretty slick. I don’t use it often but can imagine driving to work and letting the Kindle read books to me. The battery might be excessive but if you drive to an office every day (I don’t) the reading feature might be worth the drain.

Kindle 3 Side9. Public Domain Content – Amazon has a lot of good public domain books that you can download to Kindle. You don’t have to break the bank to stock your kindle library with books. I have over 40 books on my Kindle and 37 are public domain.

10. Multiple Devices & Backup – Maybe you don’t always have your Kindle available. Amazon has multiple Kindle editions. When you read on one of the editions the Kindle software updates every edition. In addition, Amazon archives all your digital books online so if you lose your Kindle you can re-stock your replacement in a snap.

Worried about a book addiction run wild with the Kindle? Cancel your cable TV service, sign-up for a Hulu premium account and you’ll have the budget for around (4) monthly book purchases. You may even come out ahead. Reading more in your spare time is never a bad idea.


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