Readability: Enhance Reading by Removing Clutter

Are you distracted by flashing banner adds?  Would you like a way to eliminate the non-essential clutter on blogs and websites?  A recent post by David Pogue lead me to this neat application created by ARC90 Labs called Readability.  What a great little tool this is.

Define the style, font size and margin width and drag the bookmarklet to your toolbar. You are ready to go.  Just surf to your favor blog and click the Readability bookmarklet.  All the junk is removed.

I tried Readability this morning on a variety of blogs and websites.  It worked flawlessly.  On sites that had mostly image content–as part of the content–it even warned me that I may not want to use Readability for that particular post.  Even embedded & scrolling content was converted and fully displayed.

This short video explains the configuration and setup.  Highly recommended.

Full Disclosure:  I have no relationship with ARC90 Labs and received no remuneration for this post.

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