Global Warming? Listen to Lord Monckton and decide for yourself.

You’ve probably  never heard of Lord Monckton.  But, you owe it to yourself to watch this.  The videos come from a recent speech that Lord Monckton gave at the Minnesota Free Market Institute in October 2009.

The first video is a short excerpt which sums up Lord Monckton’s view on the climate treaty and the United States participation in the Copenhagen Summit.  If you can’t watch his 90+ minute speech, at least watch this small excerpt.

I urge you to spend the time and watch the full speech:

If you believe Lord Monckton’s presentation is accurate, statistics are being used by special interest groups to lie to the public.  He invites critical review of his conclusions and has challenged Al Gore to a public debate on the matter (Gore hasn’t accepted).

My own opinion is this,  any theory that purports to explain something as complex as historical global weather patterns and claims to have found the causative factors and, also claims to be able to have created accurate predictive models based on history, is flawed.

Remember, the global credit crisis?  Remember we were told that flawed reliance on predictive (statistical models) lead to over-sized risk-taking by rational people?

I’m not a scientist but I do think I have some common sense.  While I understand financial markets are inherently more volatile than global weather, I still don’t buy the idea that we’ve nailed the global climate in a statistical model.  I just don’t believe that long-term future global climate patterns are something that we can accurately predict with precision.  What our leaders want us to believe is that the science is settled on this matter.

I’m certainly not going to believe politicians, the environmental movement or Al Gore.


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