William Anderson Goes a Litttle Too Far

By Chuck Patch at Flickr.com as chuckp

I’ll admit freely and proudly that I’m an atheist and a libertarian, but I have more faith in humanity than William Anderson displays in this post.  The article’s inferred premise is that both Democrats and Republicans are inherently evil, hellbent on their preferred brand of demagoguery solely for the purpose of perpetuating their favored brand of mind control. The Democrats employing “fear of the loss of your job” the Republicans employing “national security fears.”

I have enjoyed and learned from some of Mr. Anderson’s writings in the past but this post is so scathing its reminds of something an intelligent drunk would say from a bar stool. You know the loud and obnoxious guy that everyone moves away from.

While the observable behavior supports the premise to some degree, I think Mr. Anderson is too harsh in his sardonic imputation regarding peoples motives. Isn’t just possible that the ideas both parties have are based on:

1. Ignorance regarding how the world really works and what’s good about incentives
2. Overblown feelings of self importance
3. Misunderstanding of cause and effect
4. Fear

I’ve known plenty of people who I thought were grossly inaccurate in their interpretation of cause & effect and the curative prescriptions they offered; however, that didn’t make me think they were inherently evil.

It’s clear to me that in general people are unstudied in economics and don’t understand much of what they hear about the subject. I think it would be most helpful to have vigorous debate on the merits of the arguments without assigning evil intent to the motive. You can build bridges that way instead of enemies.

Austrian economic theory has a lot to offer in helping to shape policy. Unfortunately many people perceive Libertarians/Austria Economists as do nothing whiners.

Mature reasoning along with some clear leadership though example might be more helpful in building dialog. Unfortunately, all sides seem to be girding for ideological battle instead of sincere debate on the merit of the available facts, the symptoms and the source causes.


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