Charles Darwin’s 200th Birthday

February 12th will be the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth. Given the notoriety of his ideas, I feel obligated to put in a plug for ole Charles.

Aside from perhaps Einstein, I can’t think of a science writer that’s had a greater influence on the way the world is perceived than Mr. Darwin’s book, On The Origin of Species. The book; published in 1859, was an instant hit; it’s initial printing of 1,250 copies selling immediately and with far less controversy at the time that the theory arouses in some circles today.

You can find an excellent overview of Charles Darwin’s complete works here

This Richard Dawkins interview of Dr. Randolph Nesse provides an interesting overview of the reasons why Darwinian Natural Selection theory works, sometimes producing less than optimal solutions, but always adapting.

There isn’t any doubt in my mind that Mr. Darwin’s theory has been completed vindicated by science in the 150 years since the book’s original publication.


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