Blogging Your Life in Realtime

I found this link on Kevin Kelly’s blog which is quite interesting with many social implications. The speaker is Ryan Grant the founder of an early stage start up called Metascopic Inc.

Ryan’s goal is to make recording and retrieving the daily activities of your life very easy through the use of a small wearable device which would take up to 1,000 stills/day and provide the ability to record audio or video for at least some of the time slices in your day. Are you bad at remembering the names of people you meet? Imagine having a wearable device that would record all of that and a companion web service that you would upload your daily journal of activities to. Then image having a tool to index and retrieve that information efficiently.

That is what Metascopic is trying to develop. There are obvious privacy issues and social boundaries that need to be redefined for this practice to be accepted. Interesting idea which also shows the direction we’re heading with ubiquitous records and the web.

QS_081023_02_Ryan_Grant from Paul Lundahl on Vimeo.


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