The Addiction Called Twitter

Well, I have to admit, I’m hooked. I created a Twitter handle almost a year ago but really didn’t see the point until recently. Now I’m hooked. If you follow the right people you can learn a lot. Folks are embedding links into the 140 character-length tweets to share blogs, websites, and other interesting details. The people using Twitter (in some cases) are very knowledgeable about social media in particular.

The other very interesting aspect to Twitter is the universe of sites that feed from Twitter. Generally speaking these sites ad power or function to the tool.

So, for a personal learning tool Twitter is exceptional. Try it, and don’t forget to follow me. My Twitter handle is DGM885.


2 thoughts on “The Addiction Called Twitter

  1. Wow, yeah Twitter is a big addiction. I have an incredible amount of free time and am usually connected to Twitter. There is such a great vareity of people on Twitter and generally people are really nice.

  2. I am hooked too man! I just ran across you on twitter and came by your site, great layout and keep up the great work!

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